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Euphoria Fitt owner Holly Skelton and her team

The Fitt Story

Holly Skelton, owner of Euphoria Fitt has run her own personal training and fitness studio for the last five years. During the periods of enforced closure, due to the global pandemic, she became aware of the demand for people to be able to buy sustainable activewear at a reasonable price, and with guaranteed eco-friendly credentials. 

“As for so many people, the pandemic gave me a chance to contemplate what was going on in the world. I became much more aware of the issues that consumer waste causes, and the inequalities in the workplace that exist within the global community. Whilst gyms were closed, including mine of course, I noticed that people were wearing gym and leisurewear for everyday comfort, as well as for the limited exercise opportunities available during lockdown. I also realised that recycled clothing is often more expensive than its less ethical alternative. With all this in mind, I set about sourcing a sustainable, high-quality fabric and a reputable manufacturing company, both with transparent and proven track records, to produce sportswear that I would be able to sell at a reasonable price.”

And so activewear from Euphoria Fitt was born……

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